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African Walnut

African Walnut

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African Walnut Laminate Flooring

Looking for a beautiful, dark and elegant color? Our African walnut laminate flooring is natural and durable. It’s suitable to be installed in kitchen for you to taste goods and nature simultaneously.

The title really says it all, feel the beauty of nature in the comfort of your own home. Not only is the color sophisticated yet cozy, the beautiful finish has a hearty feel to it too!

This Walnut Laminate Flooring is perfect for any home and goes with a variety of colors. Whether you’re going for a dark blend of colors or a sharp contract with light walls, the African Walnut color will not disappoint!

Key product features

  • Product Code: African Walnut
  • Core: HDF
  • Species: Walnut
  • Wear Layer: AC1-AC5
  • Construction: Laminate
  • Product Density: 860-890 kg/m3
  • Profiling: Click
  • Color: Red