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American Cherry

American Cherry

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American Cherry Laminate Flooring

The American Cherry is an extremely beautiful wood that darkens with age and fits in with almost any d├ęcor. The beautiful wood, that is usually used to make beautiful furniture and exquisite cabinets, makes for a beautiful flooring choice that gives a very luxurious look to your home. But, one look at the price of it can give you a coronary, making you wish that you had never looked up the price!

Fret not; www.laminateflooringmanufacturers.com is here to the rescue! The beautiful American Cherry laminate flooring is as good as real hardwood, with a rich color and a realistic look, without the high price! With more than 10 surface designs in the American cherry laminate flooring range available, you can have your pick at the texture, graining, underlying tones, and of course the overall look of the cherry laminate flooring that suits your requirement the best!

Key product features

  • Product Code: American Cherry
  • Core: HDF
  • Species: Cherry
  • Wear Layer: AC1-AC5
  • Construction: Laminate
  • Product Density: 860-890 kg/m3
  • Profiling: Click
  • Color: Brown