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American Walnut

American Walnut

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American Walnut Laminate Flooring

We provide various walnut laminates including classical American walnut laminate flooring. Click online to get your own American walnut at once! This Walnut Laminate Flooring is great for the all American family looking for durable hard wood flooring. So go ahead, let the kids rolls their trucks and cars around and stack up their Lego. Single or couple of two? This flooring is just as much for a family as it is for you! It is elegant and sustainable and goes great with your eye-popping furniture or your cool neutrals color pallets.

Who said that your floor can’t be the centerpiece of the room? This American Walnut Flooring is a beautiful classic and deserves all the attention it will get!

Key product features

  • Product Code: American Walnut
  • Core: HDF
  • Species: Walnut
  • Wear Layer: AC1-AC5
  • Construction: Laminate
  • Product Density: 860-890 kg/m3
  • Profiling: Click
  • Color: Black