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The Best Laminate Flooring Can’t Be Made In China. Or Can It?!


Who would have thought the majority of the best laminate flooring is made in China? But how could the best laminate flooring manufacturers be Chinese?

You may not believe it, but it’s true. Laminate flooring first came to the shores of China back in 1995 under the flag of Pergo and since then the laminate flooring industry has exploded throughout the country making China the “go to” production base for the biggest laminate flooring brands in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Turkey and Australia.

The fact the big names in the business are manufacturing their products in one of China’s 3,000 plus laminate flooring factories just goes to show that China laminate flooring manufacturers must be doing something right.

So how did China become the world’s leading production house of laminate flooring?

After the first importers of laminate flooring in China discovered the huge profit to be made, they began to not just import the German made laminate floors, but the equipment, technology and even the raw materials to research and begin their own production domestically. The goal was to produce laminate flooring of the same high quality as the imports from overseas and the first domestic plank was made successfully in 1997.

Soon after the first plank was produced, with China’s cheap labor, cheaper cost for homemade manufacturing equipment, no ocean freight costs and a product that could rival its European counterparts, China laminate flooring quickly became popular domestically. It was cheap, high quality and the designs were more suited to the Chinese taste.

The popularity of laminate flooring in China quickly grew traction and new factories began popping up everywhere. HDF board manufacturers, decorative paper and wear resistance paper makers grew in number all over the country and competition began to get fierce. The government implemented various quality management and inspection systems in 2002 and backed the pursuit of new manufacturing technologies.

China laminate flooring manufacturers soon began to focus more on their brand strategies along with customer service to separate themselves from a sea of almost identical products. They also started to explore the international market since their product was tried and tested in the domestic market giving them the confidence to expand overseas.

Now each year the Shanghai Domotex Laminate Flooring Exhibition is flooded with buyers from across the world looking for the ideal laminate flooring manufacturers to produce their brand of flooring. Many of these buyers will ask laminate flooring manufacturers in China to imprint “German Technology” on the back of each plank, despite the fact they were actually made in China.

So although the world may still not be quite ready for laminate flooring that says “Chinese Technology” on the back, China’s best laminate flooring manufacturers can at least be happy to know that the products they manufacture are worthy of the “German Technology” mark.

Sunspeed Flooring are one of the best laminate flooring manufacturers in China. They have a famous domestic brand, “Meidica” and an international brand, “Gentoo”. They also do OEM, so feel free to contact them today for your laminate flooring production: sales@sunspeedflooring.com