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Pine Laminate Flooring

This collection of pine laminate flooring features a number of familiar, attractive styles inspired by the wonderful, brawny pine trees that so many adore. Pine laminate flooring creates a spacious feel even in smaller rooms, making it perfect for apartments or tight areas. Although pine is typically known for its pale shade, there are a variety of color options within this selection to meet your needs.

Pine laminate floors are known for their unique patterns, with amazingly intricate rings, knots, and swirls that instantly add fascination to any space. These variations create a wide range of flooring options, so there's something for everyone.

We carry several options, including the customer favorites Sacramento pine flooring and knotty pine flooring. Add-ons like waterproofing and V-grooves fit pine laminate floors perfectly, and we're always happy to provide personal answers to any requests you may have.

Browse our collection of pine laminate flooring and choose the kind that's right for you.