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Red Maple

Red Maple

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Red Maple Laminate Flooring

The red maple is one of the richest looking hardwood floors, with a beautiful deep color, giving it an extremely luxurious look. It is also one of the more expensive hardwood floors, making it next to impossible to fit it into a regular redecorating budget.

So, a more budget-friendly option would be the red maple laminate flooring. This red laminate flooring exudes the rich aura that the original hardwood flooring does, but at a much lesser cost!

With a rich deep red color, the beautiful flooring gives an extremely rich and luxurious look to your home, all the while giving off a warm homely feel. With a detailed and unvarying look, at the first glance no one will be able to guess that it is not the real deal! Don’t believe us? Try it yourself!

Key product features

  • Product Code: Red Maple
  • Core: HDF
  • Species: Maple
  • Wear Layer: AC1-AC5
  • Construction: Laminate
  • Product Density: 860-890 kg/m3
  • Profiling: Click
  • Color: Red